Friday, 7 May 2010

A small prophecy

I'm not sure I told you all that I sent a five part election/eviction story to the nationals, which they didn't take. I should really post it here for you, which I will, when I have a lot of time, as it would be good to post it on the same blogspot 'day'.

However, my last 'chapter' is entitled 'Hope' and it starts with a suicide dream I had!!

My mirth and excitement comes today because in a copy of the Big Issue not long ago, the associate editor of The Telegraph wrote an article and mentioned Zaleucus, the lawgiver, who ruled at Locri Epizefiri, a Greek colony in Italy, in 660 BC. "A Locrian who proposed any new law stood forth in the assembly of the people with a cord around his neck and if the law was rejected the innovator was instantly strangled."

My dream took on new significance after I read that.

Today we have a Hung Parliament!

My dream had a happy ending, I didn't die!! Though admittedly, the story hasn't ended... not yet...

It ends with Doris though....

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