Thursday, 20 May 2010

A week off

The grey sky sat as heavy on my 'hood as the Black Dog on my back. Do I go to Bazza's Boot Camp? I felt like this last week and I went. I nearly cried last week.

I will go next week. I can't let these dark moods weigh me down, I must shrug them off. I must fight them off! I must star jump and box until they fall away!! Next week....

No such luck with the whole bidding thing though. Can't have a week off from that. Nothing last week but today, there are two.

One is right near here. The other is the street up from where I used to live, a mile away.

I'm really angry at the futility of the exercise. Everyone's points are way, way, way higher than mine.

You've got to bid though, yeah, because they look at that when they look into your case.

I wonder if Allocations is still manager? I could send her a little email.

Yes, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to send her a little email. Ask her why there are such enormous discrepancies between mine and others who have been waiting the same time as me....

Ah, Zen Dog joins the Black Dog because I started the post about Boot Camp!

Small mercies, small mercies.....

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