Thursday, 13 May 2010

Zen Dog?

Black Dogs at Boot Camp may have a purpose....

Mine told me today to write to David Cameron. It makes sense really; I wrote to Blair, I wrote to Brown, there's a new Prime Minister, I'm still in an eviction cycle, it makes perfect sense!

The Dog came up with another idea as my body tried, tried, tried to hold it's Plank position, which was to write to Nick Clegg too!

Deputy Prime Minister? Not my style!

But of course! He is still Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and he is no doubt sitting in No 10 as I speak! Funny isn't it?! His party got the least votes and there he is!!

It's going to take some thinking! I've never met the Prime Minister. I can write any old rubbish, he won't read it.

I have met his Deputy though, I have met the Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

I ought to be quick really before he forgets he ever met me.

Ought to be quick really because August isn't that far away and the bailiff's warrant will land on my doorstep....

Thanks Zen Dog!!


Jennysmith said...

Don't give up, Stig! My mum wrote to Margaret Thatcher years ago and still got a fairly swift reply through a secretary or someone.

Nick Clegg had 'em by the balls. What else was he going to be?


Stigmum said...

I owe you a pack of fags mamma!! Did Maggie make your mum's wish come true? As for Nick, I just don't know the answer to your question for I've just penned the letters...aargh! As a faithful follower, you will find out just what becomes of me and my boy and who knows, maybe the country too....
A million thanks for your support xxx