Friday, 6 May 2011

93,000 on Sheffield's housing list

Apparently ( there are 93,000 people on Sheffield's housing waiting list.

Why do I say 'apparently' when I have just read it in the above article?

Because back in 2005 when the Church evicted me and my son, Glenda Jackson told me there was no waiting list in Sheffield, unlike the 15,000 strong one in Camden.

You know what frightens me?

There probably are 93,000 people waiting for affordable accommodation but policy is to be tweaked abit soon whereby great swathes of people will be taken off the list, others won't even make the list because they'll be told they've no chance.

Yet another policy of smoke and mirrors which will hide the true scale of the problem.

Next year, there might only be 1000 people on the waiting list in Sheffield.

Gosh, maybe only 500 will be waiting for affordable accommodation!

Maybe, maybe, a politician will tell me "There's no waiting list in Sheffield."

Maybe someone will tell you there's no-one waiting in Camden too!

Build the houses, renovate the empty ones, abolish the Right To Buy

It might not be wholly effective, it might not be enough, but at least it's a start.

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