Monday, 16 May 2011

New Landlord, Fresh rent arrears accusation

I didn't tell you.. Well, my housing officer didn't tell me did he?

My landlord has changed.

I got the letter last week, a few days after my housing officer's visit. I ahall text him in a minute, ask him if he is still my housing officer


This morning I have recieved a letter from my new landlord, still a housing association but a different one, saying that I am £1380.00 in arrears.

I was at the housing benefit office just last week. They have been paying my rent since I moved in. How could I possibly be in arrears? I have not declared my job yet (though the pay is so low it's probably not going to effect anything)

I think these organisations just like to upset you. It should know I'm in full receipt.

I've an appointment at the Citizen's Advice Bureau on Thursday - about how many hours I can take without being worse off financially (oh ha ha, like we can be millionaires down here when we earn the minimum wage!)

I shall contact the housing officer
I shall contact my housing support worker
I might also text Hannah, she in same boat as me, well, same raft, our homes aren't sturdy enough to be called a boat, find out if the same has happened to her family.

Happy Monday's ey? Tsk, if only today was good music...

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