Saturday, 14 May 2011

I have joined Twitter!

At last you might say!!

On the recommendation of fellow blogger Frankie P, Stiggers has joined the realm of Twitter!

I've been thinking about it for a long time then wondering if I should do it if I am indeed planning to stop blogging! Maybe I'm doing it because I'm planning to stop blogging. Who knows. I love blogging. I don't want to stop. I just think perhaps I should.

Yes, so while the world perhaps tires of twitter (I heard that somewhere), I have finally joined!!

Problem of course, is that I am Stigger's conduit and I am a luddite. She can't get up and running until I sort her out.

Second problem is that I can't invite any of my friends because all of my friends know I'm a stigmum but none of my friends know I am Stigmum. None of my friends know I write a blog. Hmmmm

Third problem, which isn't a problem I guess, is that I've a crappy phone, not a snazzy blackberry or anything jazzy like that.

Still, I've arrived! As soon as I figure out badges and widgets or whatever and the like, I'll put it on here!

I'd like to say thank you to Frankie P for the spur. Friday 13th not so unlucky, blogspot going down yesterday not so unlucky either, for I met her over at the Brit Mums forum having a soap box rant (which you know I love!)

Also Friday 13th Luck - I made no plans this weekend, none. Was all looking a bit lonesome but I wasn't thinking about that because I might feel blue.

Then, out of the blue, my old work colleague I've not seen since my birthday party last year, texts and invites me to a Eurovision Song Contest party he and his wife are having tonight!!!

Go Blue!

Do Blue, the band Blue, the band Blue representing the UK have a chance?! Will they sweep the boards?!

I'd join the Eurovision tweeting but I don't know how, I'd tweet but I don't have a phone that can take the application, I'd tweet but I'll be busy having fun. Oh hurrah!

Anyway, best go! I'm @stigmum (I think that's what you say isn't it?)

See, luddite! Maybe see you on there!

Have a good weekend x

(oh and this is my 101th post under the label 'blog'!!- room 101? This post belongs in a different label? Stiggers isn't going into room 101, not if I don't want her to!)


Frankie P said...

Hey there, welcome to the world of twitter. I still don't know really what i am doing with it or blogging but i am sure we will both get there..

Stigmum said...

Hey, I really want to thank you loads for a)getting me started on it. Fear stopped me before and then you do it and wonder what there was to be frightened about! and also b)having the twitter widget thing on your blog page. For the love of God I couldn't do it from the Twitter site so sure sign I've got a lot to learn!!!
Great to catch up with you on there, on here and happy blogging/tweeting to us both! xxx