Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Passing of Time

The passing of time in my life can be defined in two ways.



These two things are coming together for me.

I am soon to pass over to a new decade in my life.

It feels quite massive.

The changes you notice aren't just physical to do with you, but physical also to your environment. In ten years the things that change, the people who come, who go, who are still around.

I recently became aware that this blog has captured the last two and half years of an incredibly difficult decade made beautiful by my child.

Who'd've thought, ten years ago, lying on Clapham Common with some guy I was on a date with who asked me if I was only going out with guys because I was desperate for a baby (yes he so did and I was like 'no way!') that I would be lying on Hampstead Heath ten years later not with just any guy...

I'm excited about turning another 'ty.

Oh fuck yes.. it's a new start, a blank canvas...Me and my son, I start with that.

I'll have no hopes, or dreams or expectations this time, you know why

Nor do I think I'll have a blog with a deep blue background

I've got to leave everything behind, all hopes, the dreams, the expectations and move on

And blogspot/Stiggers, that means you too

You were only ever a case study and all case studies have to end sometime, don't they?

Maybe that's why I'm not sleeping at night...

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