Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday 13th - Lucky for some?

Was panicking abit this morning. I was thinking of posting my correspondence with politicians here on blogspot and was having difficulty breathing.
Should I do it today? Friday 13th
Unlucky say some
Lucky for some say others...
Should I do it at all?
Kiss of death when I put my plans on here
Will they work? I wonder
Then like you, I find out, they don't.
They might this time though...
Then blogspot is unavailable all day...
Is this a sign?!
Is this a sign I must not post my correspondence?!
Too late
I don't know if doing so will be lucky
or unlucky
All I do know, is while I've been researching online for how many papers wrote up the story of the Tories charging children to enter playgrounds (1)
I read about a British woman who was decapitated by a crazed man who ran into a shop in Tenerife

It was shocking to read lots of things (revenge attacks for bin Laden killing 80 in Pakistan - "first of many" say Taliban) but it was, it still is...
My thoughts go out to this woman and her family
And you too, that you might be safe

(Yikes, should I change my post title?)

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