Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Republican or Monarchist?

As the dust now settles on the Royal Wedding (has it? Or is it still polished in the nation's psyche?)I'll blog a final word on well, what I think of the Royal Family in Britain today.

OK, it's not my word, it's someone elses, but this weekend, as I sought to discover what I think, I accepted that I am not a Republican but I'm not an out and out Monarchist either.

There are many things that irritate me about the Royal Family but there are more things that might irritate me if our policitians were the only "face" of Britain.

I also think it's quite funny that without fully realising it, I labelled the Royal Wedding under "Life of a Parasite" when I wrote about it last week in reference to my own life.

The taxpayer funds much of the Royal's existence, much like the taxpayer funds much of mine.


Anyway, I found this article on Sunday, written by a Scot, about what the Monarchy tells us about Britain today.

I liked it. As the dust doesn't settle on the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (for she is not a Princess as I stated earlier!) it's a good look at what this happy couple might mean to us (before they jet off on their £4000 a night honeymoon - I didn't realise a pilot's salary was so good!)


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