Wednesday, 25 May 2011

When it's hard to get started blogwise

Well that's the title done...phew, thank goodness for that!

I can't get started this morning here in Blogland. That's usually not my problem, I'll just ramble on about anything.

This morning's ideas were, in no particular order, ken clarke on rape, again, but I can't find my copy of the weekend's Mirror, the universal credit replacing welfare, maybe chuck in a bit of religion from a reading I heard on Sunday (how do we do that one stiggers?)and possibly write about angel blessings. My son didn't want to go to school this morning and I was in no mood to take him, which I was fool enough to tell him for he leapt around in glee at the thought of not going then had a meltdown which I could only deal with by telling him I was legally obliged to take him.

Basically, I'm not short of ideas.

I've got a kind of writer's block, something me and stiggers rarely have on here.

It's followers and comments, I know it is, that's got me all confused!!

There is something in here that people like!

In the past I've floated along thinking...

So anyway, I have done 4 sets of 50 skips as I figure how to come on here this morning. Such a sunny day out on my balcony it was quite pleasant actually!!

While skipping I thought perhaps I could go to the recycling centre, get myself a new bag after whoever stole mine last Thursday, leaving my rubbish. As I walk there, I can think what to write, or how, you know, a kind of edit. Then when I come home, I can fill the bag with old newspapers....

Chill mamma!

Last night as I dropped in on various bloggers, I read a question that the American Resident posted: Why do you read blogs?

It's excellent; have a read, read the comments. People read blogs for all kinds of reasons. If I'm thinking of tailoring mine to the desires of new followers, each with their unique desires, then blogging is not going to be so enjoyable anymore and I'm liable to get lost, like maybe I'm lost this morning.

So my advice to you, if you can't get started, is just write any old thing any old how...

Then go out for a walk/tidy the house/skip 100 times and tell yourself to stay close to yourself, write what you want to write; it's what attracts you to others isn't it? It's probably what attracts people to you

(or not in our case ey Stiggers but go with the flow yeah, keep hold of the paddle and trussssst!)


mum in meltdown said...

Your so right sometimes it's better to go off and do somehing else to allow your brain to kick in and then come back to it!! :)

Stigmum said...

Yeah, thanks! This post I waffled on to get started! Sort of advice to other bloggers not to mind doing that themselves too!!