Thursday, 19 May 2011

The pub where I work

"What's it really like?" asked the Esitmator and single mum traveller in the coffee shop earlier this week, wondering about my shift at the Last Local Pub (almost).

"Well, put it this way," I said. "I went outside to collect some glasses and one guy, quite pissed already slurred "Blimey, you're bloody gorgeous, bet you're married!"

Single mum piped up: "Yeah, I am, to the Mafia!"

Which is a tip I might keep in mind!

I will probably not talk about my job, however colourful it may end up being. Bonds of trust 'n' all, ya know.

I'm off to the CAB now, find out just how these shifts effect my benefits and what it would mean to take on more.

I will report on that.....

Ah well!

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