Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Paper clips and envelopes

It's a 'coalition' paper clip that binds together the papers I sent Clegg today. Not a Yellow and Blue one that you might imagine I'd use on this, the Coalition's First Birthday. No, it's a Red and Yellow one.

(Coincidence that! That I send the letter on the coalition's first anniversary. I had no idea Monday when I dated the letter I had not written yet!)

The envelope is large A4 sized brown 'Do Not Bend' envelope to keep everything straight and in order. Two letters, two articles, one postcard (all copies bar one of the letters)

"Do you think he'll read it?" asked Mistress Ha Ha as we met outside a local primary school to give out Boot Camp flyers.
"I don't know. He might. It's very political."
"Are you trying to blackmail him?"
"No! I don't know what I'm doing but I know I'm doing something!"

I got a massive head ache after I posted my package with its coalition paperclip inside so I had to lie down.

Do you think they'll have a party tonight? Dave and Nick? Or do you think only one them will?

Do you even care?

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