Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why do we blog?

I may come back to this. You know why I blog.

It started out as a kind of case study, ended up being a kind of therapy too but what sets it apart from other written mediums is that it is public.

Why do we write things publicly?
What do we hope to achieve?

When I stopped blogging in November and had a notebook instead, what, what propelled me to come back here?

The desire to inform? The desire to teach? The need to scream? All of these things? Statutorily homeless people, particularly perhaps if they are on benefits, are so misunderstood by society.

Does my one, point of view or experience enable people or you to see the wider picture?

I love blogging. I absolutely love it. I love experimenting with writing. I love experimenting with writing in a public field. No comments doesn't mean my stuff isn't accepted, for me it means it is! I'm only practicing and no-one minds!

Well, perhaps I mind a bit as the mess just accumulates around me and my mind is too busy to look for courses to do training or jobs to send in applications on the off chance. This is like a job, the best kind.

I've told you I can't afford my life. You know all this stuff now, what more is there to tell?

Quite alot really but I'm tired of getting nowhere with the challenges I set myself.

Neither you nor me know that I will get nowhere when I start telling you I've done something.

Oh well, that's not just me is it? Lots of people try try and try again.

Why am I still blogging?

Is it nearly time to nip hope in the bud?

It's hard to do that, very hard because hope is always the last thing that's left.

Perhaps I blog so I can tell you this.

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