Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Where would we be, without the CAB?

Where would we be without the CAB
Drowning I imagine in that big black sea

Where can we be with the CAB
Support, advice, and tips to clear a way to see

She told me to come back next week for an appointment, clarify my housing benefit as soon as possible and to hold off telling housing benefit, just for a week, that my circumstances are changing.

There weren't as many people as usual at the Citizen's Advice Bureau; it's the woman next to me who pointed it out. She remembers it as I do when it was packed and you'd have nowhere to sit.

Odd really, given people are really beginning to suffer right now. The woman next to me said they'd extended their opening hours. I forgot to ask CAB woman as she helped me with my impending work questions but I might mention it next week if I remember....

We need the CAB (I'm chanting)
A safety buoy when we're cast at sea
We need the CAB
Cut the funding you kill me
and a whole load of other people I imagine

(Stiggers is telling me to stop imagining that...)

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