Monday, 16 May 2011

Plans put in place at parties

I met a human rights lawyer at the weekend, at my friend's Eurovision song contest party.

Azerbaijan sang victorious. Azarbaijan???? Well, Blue didn't stand a chance really and nor did Jedward when you consider all these countries vote for their neighbours.

So, a human rights lawyer was there. I told her I'd given up with lawyers, but I was going to go to my MP, one last time on housing issues, to ask him for "the statutory instrument" I need to change an anomoly in the housing allocation policy.

Human rights lawyer told I might have a case for discrimination. Her own organisation couldn't help because they deal more with discrimination issues based on race or mental health.

But, she said, Liberty might take it. Contact them, she urged me.

I will. Not today but I will.

My housing plans are the reasons I want to stop blogging.
My housing plans were the reason I started in the first place.
Will I get a council flat? I asked two years ago.
No, was the answer I gave you.

That was a blow, if I'm honest.

I've come back though.
Did she ever get the £283m, a reader might ask.
Did she ever manage to change the policy on allocating homeless people? a reader might ask.
You know, I might succeed with these things. Follow me on this journey to success so I may show you that hanging on to hope brings its rewards...

Geez, I took you on my dentist journey believing I'd be telling you teeth can be saved and don't be frightened.
That was another blow, if I'm honest.

It's all so bloody negative. This life, our lives, some of us...

I quit smoking. After 25 years I quit smoking.

It's here, on blogspot, my one success out of all the challenges I set myself.

That's no blow. If I can do it so can you.

I want to quit blogspot on a hopeful note

Is that so hard?

Why is that so hard?

Do I surrender? Admit defeat?

I don't want a cigarette but at least I can have a cigarette moment

Plans put in place at parties...

Breathe in, exhale


Frankie P said...

I know i have said it before but don't give up.. If your desire is that strong to do so try bloggina bout something else

Stigmum said...

I'll probably explore my inner battle here on blogspot! I've thought about starting a new blog, but like my user name which might have to change, although maybe not.The bottom line with this blog, is that I don't want to write that I've failed with housing anymore, but this blog is synonymous with all of those battles, because it began life as a casestudy, to add to the casestudies I did for my masters degree thesis on homeless families. I'd to say I'll stop writing after I've approached my MP but will I? I won't be able to resist telling that I'm not being helped. If I am helped, wider society would find out because it's giant what I want to achieve, potentially so anyway!
Thanks though Frankie P, for your encouragement. This has never been an easy blog to follow, just like it's never always been an easy one to write!! xxx

Sarahmumof3 said...

oh don't stop, I've only just found you, one day I will have the courage to blog about my housing situation and everything that happened there... one day

Stigmum said...

Yes do write about it! I was always looking for someone like me but it is a scary thing to do, hence me doing it anonymously. One of thousands and still not out of the situation yet....I shall try to find your blog, welcome to mine!