Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A change in circumstances

I start my new job tomorrow.
Pulling pints in London's Last Local
or maybe not last local
but they are dying aren't they
replaced by Gastro Pubs

In the interview new boss mentioned holidays
Holidays! Of course! Didn't think of those!
Bar work isn't a term time job is it?!
On days I work my boy can sit in the pub
she says
Her daughter will be around so they can play together.

She's nice my new boss
Giving me this opportunity.
Opportunity for what?
I'm not sure I know
but I know it's an opportunity.

"Find out if you'll be better off,"
someone said. "And if you're not
don't take it until September when..."
"I'm forced to take what leaves me worse off?"

A change in circumstances
You always hope it'll be a change for the better
don't you?

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