Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ken Clarke on Question Time tonight?

I've seen Question Time advertised this week because it's taking place at Wormwood's Scrubs, a notorious prison and Dimbleby has said that the Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke will be on the panel.

Oh yes please!

I heard yesterday that rape is not always rape in Mr Clarke's eyes, he believes a distinction can be made between "serious" "forcible" "proper" and "date" rape and sentencing should reflect that. Indeed be written into legislation that men who plead guilty get lesser sentences.

You know how I feel about rape. So few cases even make it to court and the ones that do so often end in the acquittal of the attacker. Only 6% of reported rapes result in a conviction. It's disgusting.

Meanwhile, over in New York, the French International Monetary Fund boss has been refused bail for an 'alleged sexual assault" on a maid at a hotel where he was staying.

Other woman have since come out to say he attacked them and it looks like the contender for the French presidency may go down for his crime and serve a lengthy prison sentence.

I certainly hope so.

In these days of super injunctions, powerful people seem to think they can get away with just about anything. I'm relieved in the IMF case, the victim is being protected.

Clarke will know about this case. I wonder, in light of what everything he's been saying about rape, what are his views on this should anyone in the audience ask, which I hope they do.

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