Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I'm not meant to 'fit in'

You did not come to this planet so that you could 'fit in' with what was already happening on it. You were not born to conform. You came here to ask awkward questions, to provoke thought, to explore alternatives and to play a part in a process of positive change.

Sometimes a person simply needs to be told, ey Cainer?


Jennysmith said...

Will use that as my mantra.

Good post xx

Stigmum said...

Bless ya mamma! xxx

Angel said...

Well said! We all have our own ways and we shouldn't be hammered into what people think we should be. I am a new follower, found you on circle of moms top 25. Glad to have found you, I am raising a little on my own as well. :-) Looking forward to future posts.

Chasing Serenity

Stigmum said...

Thank you Angel! Welcome to my little group of non judgemental, acceptance people!!Yep, we all have our own ways and some of us must find the courage to be it!! Hence Cainer's wise words!!