Monday, 9 May 2011

Football? My new Religion?

Unbeknownst to you, I have been pondering a rather big dilemma since January, every week getting more and more intense.

On Sundays when my son is with me, do I take him to a Football Drop-In on the Heath at 10am or do I continue to take him to Church at 10am?

Honestly, I know what he'd pick and I can see reason for footie, he absolutely loves it. I can see value in Church, even though it's only the wine he loves (reason to stop taking him really...) but but but it's still been a major dilemma.

Then yesterday, oh the barny before we left the house for God's.
"I don't want to go," he moaned.
"Well, you have to," I replied.
"Why?" petulantly
"To say thank you for all you have."
"I can say thank you here!"
"Yes, well, there there are stories and songs and it's quiet and you can have a little think about the people you love and the things you want and ask God for them, there, in His House."
"I still don't see why we have to go..." Honestly, he reminded me of me, only when I had those rows with my parents I was a teenager, not an eight year old.

I could have ended the dilemma there and then and taken him to football, but aagh, what is the value of going to Church? Let me find out, my dilemma could live another week.

Then at church, the priest announced that following a consultation with parishioners (of which I wasn't included because I didn't know about it because my attendence is so slack), church service times had changed.

To replace the 8am, 10am and 12pm services on Sunday, there was to be a 9am service and an 11 am family service. Were we all in accord?

"Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest," I heard a man say and looked across the pews and there he was sprawled out rolling himself a fag. I thought this was quite funny. My son carried on staring at him and said he put the fag behind his ear. "For after," I whispered.

Anyway Sunday is a day of rest and like the priest said, it can be pleasant to join with the community on such days (or join for whatever reason you want on such days). My son was also in a good mood when we came out, you'd never have guessed our discord an hour before!

So, my dilemma's sorted then. Thank God ey?!

I can take my son to Football Drop In and I can take him to Church!

It means we can't go to the 11am family service though. I can't see my son being happy to quit a footie lesson 15 minutes early somehow.

So, if I want to combine both, we'll have to go to the 9am service.

A new dilemma presents itself. It is a weekend and Sunday, like the man said, is a day of rest.

So, do I set my alarm clock?

(I said I wouldn't label under football as I know nothing about it and it's true, the match my son went to see was Arsenal against Wigan, not Sunderland as I stated...Oh and Arsenal won! 3-0!)

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