Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Circle of Mom winners revealed!!

Blimey, what a contest!! Who are the Top 25 blogs on Single Parenting.

For a long while The Pepperific Life was in the lead and then Dad In Real Life appeared and they were battling it out, each at some point taking top position.

Who would win????
Drum Roll

Dad In Real Life with a staggering 1678 votes
Pepperific Life a close second with 1610 votes
Third was Life with Eliza Grace 986 votes so yeah, dad and mum there at the top the clear winners.

Me, I got 24 votes!!! Thank you everybody!!!! It means I did not come in the bottom 25!
Ok, I admit I gave myself 6 votes and had I 19 votes (19!!! Thank you everybody!!) I would have been in the bottom 25 which is fine, I don't have zillions of followers!

The great news of the contest?
notSupermum made it into the Top 25!!!

Wee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I knew she should as she is great and has lots of followers to vote for her and I did my best so yes, terrific news!!

For the full list of winners... hey there are no losers, some people entered their blogs the day before! For the full list of winners:



notSupermum said...

Oh, aren't you lovely? Thanks so much for voting and for the very kind words. xxx

p.s. I'm chuffed to be in the 25, I just managed to scrape in at no 25!

Stigmum said...

You're very welcome! When I saw you made it I was over the moon!! And yeah, just in, brilliant! So fantastic I raise a glass of cyberchampers to you in celebration! xxx