Friday, 20 May 2011

Discombobulated by new followers!

Gosh, I don't know if I'm truly alone in feeling this, the discombobulation caused by new followers!

For many, the point of blogging is to generate as many followers as possible and I'm sure on that route, many a writer has felt discombobulated. They must do! If they want those followers to stay with them, they must have experienced a 'shit, what do I write about' moment.

That, um, has never been my problem and the fact that I have lost followers, well, reflects that!

However, I have kept some followers and the truth is, when you have so few, the ones you have come to mean an awful lot to you. Well to me anyway.

I'm not suggesting for one minute that if you have 500 followers, most mean nothing to you, but it would be fair to assume you don't write misery on a regular basis, which is why you have so many. (Or you do write misery but you're very funny about it, in which case, tell me who you are!)

Anyway, I'm beginning to digress but you're getting a picture.

I feel discombobulated because old and very recent followers will know I've been thinking of stopping. Thinking about it for longer than I've written about it. Thinking about it, really, since I started blogging again in January.

By my thoughts and constant thinking, I am supposed to stop writing this blog in the next two weeks. Maybe as early as next Friday so my son goes to Spain with his dad and I figure out how to live the week without him and without blogspot. Wean myself off the latter so by my birthday I am ready to stand tall and start again. Somehow.

I was going to write beautifully positive things and then go.

I was going to tell you that I was going to see Dobbie for the statutory instrument and leave it there. I did not want to post that he says 'NO' and nor did I want to keep writing about housing which is my sodding purpose on here (not that you can tell!). Will I get a council flat? They've said no. No no no. I can't keep writing about desiring a shit hole in a sink estate forever and NOR MUST I THINK ABOUT IT. It DEPRESSES ME.

On the other hand, maybe I should write that Dobbie says NO. It's in the public interest to know isn't it, that politicians don't give a shit? (Oh I know you know....)

I told Jen, my most faithful of followers, that I would let her know what becomes of my plans, my dreams, whether I get the arsing council flat I've been fighting seven years for.

Then, a few new followers (not from Twitter I must say!!)

Not only followers, but comments!

And there you go, I'm discombobulated.

I don't know what to do.

If I stay I don't know what to write about.

I love stiggers, I really do but somehow feel her job on here is done (or my job is done.. you see, I don't know)

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me. This was going to be a post about how for once I took out the recycling for collection and this morning see that the bags have been taken and the rubbish left behind!

Hang on, is there symbolism in that :/?


Frankie P said...

Well you know what i think... Think it would be a shame if you stop as you do write so well.. Take a week out and see what other things come to mind to write about...

Stigmum said...

Bless you, thank you. What I might do, is take some time out over half term and then if I do carry on, maybe just write one a day instead of three or four or however many I do. Then step up again if we get another eviction order and I need the blog so as not to break down (like how it helped me these past 2 years!) xxx

Frankie P said...

Sounds like a plan, i tend to post only three times a week and one of those is slient sunday.. otherwise i would be on here all the time..

Stigmum said...

Sometimes I write loads to let go what I do. Like if I write something that frightens me (in the past, defo!) then I'd be ooh ooh, paper over it!! Hence the habit of loads a day! Hide it hide it hide it don't think about it!! Be wierd to write just one a day. Might try it for a week, see if I can, or will I be jumping at the bit to write another poem(?)! Maybe no, now there's twitter...!