Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Redundancies but not my housing officer, phew...

My housing officer called me back and said I am not in arrears (whoppee), it's the new housing association which has sent the notice out and I can ignore it (do these organisations realise just how many times they make our hearts stop in panic?)

The lowest my 'arrears' can be is one week, for that is how the housing association processes the benefits that come from the council. I will always be £346 in arrears, never £0, never ever as long as I am never ever in truly affordable housing or earning a squillion pounds a week for my flexible part time job. Ok, a million will do, a couple of thousand....?

I just don't need statements, with my name on it, saying I'm £1380 in arrears, when I'm not.

Housing officer said if my arrears is over one week, then the trouble begins; true arrears that could get my son and I evicted. Easily done unfortunately on a minimum wage.

So what's happened to my housing association? Well it has been amalgamated, along with some others apparently, into this larger housing association. Whoppee for them ey?

There were redundancies, not so whoppee, but housing officer has avoided it, a relief, he's a nice guy.

Housing support worker hasn't got back to me....

Now that's more worrying if he's gone, linked as he is to my other landlord; the council.

Well, more worrying if you are me, like me, or worse off than me

And worrying for him if he can't get another job and pay his rent

Not worrying at all though, it would seem, if you are a government minister



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