Friday, 6 May 2011

I am one of the lucky ones....

My rent has gone up says my housing officer because the original rent was 'probably below the housing cap so it's been increased.'

That can only make sense to me if I am the one making the profit from it. I am not the one making a profit from it so it makes no sense to me.

However, I am one of the lucky ones.

If I were privately renting the housing allowance would be much lower than it is in temporary social housing I'm told.

Temporary social landlords, like mine, have been increasing the rents of those who fall below the housing cap and trying to reduce the rent of those above it. They are asking property owners to reduce the rents and in cases where the property owners won't, the individual, or family, is being evicted.

Apparently, in recent months, my housing association has lost lots of properties because owners won't reduce the rent.
Lots of families are being evicted.
I'm not because my £350 falls under the cap.

My housing officer asked if my circumstances had changed.
I told him my electricity bill was now sky high
I told him I'd been offered a job (I took it!)

I felt so dizzy, I felt so sick, I had to sit down.

He told me to let him know how things pan out because yes, the last flipping thing my family needs is to fall into arrears. He said he'd try and support us as much as he could. Nice guy nice guy but still I'm finding it hard to breathe

Sometimes I get the same feelings of dizziness and feeling sick when I come to you to blog about all this

I used to have Nico Teen, now I have Cake but still it doesn't make the fear of all this go away.

Go away
Go away
Housing strife and trouble
Go away

(and to think I was going to blog about Boris...or about how my son told me yesterday he missed our last place. "What that poky Tower?" I said incredulous. "Yes mummy, it was fun sharing a room with you." Reminded me of that book "The Room" and how all social professionals have told me 'children adapt'. Do they? Do they really? Which children?)


Anonymous said...

you took the job :) yeah

Stigmum said...

Yes! Don't know what it'll mean but my instinct said to take it!! Thanks!