Monday, 23 May 2011

As people die Cameron recruits Jesus

The stress of facing the government's medical assessments for those on benefits has claimed the life of a father of two, according to the Sunday Mirror. The day before his test, 56 year old Mr Groves, on benefits for three years following a heart attack and a series of strokes, had massive heart attack having spent the night scouring the internet looking for ways to raise cash should he lose his entitlement.

"His widow,57, said being lumped in with 'dole scroungers' and the fear of financial hardship had a devastating effect." (22/5/11 p.28)

In order to press ahead with the tougher assessments for the 1.5 million claimants of incapacity benefits, the Government has awarded Atos, a French medical firm, a £100 million a year contract to carry out the tests. Atos' CEO, Keith Wilman "saw his pay rocket to almost £800,000 a year." Targets ey Wilman, targets...

In the same paper, David Cameron is quoted as saying "Jesus was Founder of the Big Society" (page 22). Oh yeah Dave? Is that belief what helps you sleep at night as your party continues its persecution of the most vulnerable in our society?

Manslaughter on a giant scale is what's happening here isn't it?

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