Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stewart Lee is very funny!!

By chance last night I got a free ticket, courtesy of my friend Steve, to see the comedian Stewart Lee at the Royal Festival Hall.

"Are you a fan?" asked Steve, who'd left a message on facebook hours earlier saying he had a spare.
"Well, I don't know if I'm a fan of him, but I am a fan of comedy!" I replied. I really didn't know what to expect, but hey, entertainment + friend = happy stiggers, what can I say?

It was brilliant! It was so good! I was late, it was a three hour show he was performing, and I arrived just after the 1st interval.

He started making gags about charity. Working for charity, giving charity. Highlighting US figures that the wealthiest give 1% and the poorest over 3% of their salaries. I'd seen on twitter, which I retweeted the other day:

Poorest 10% households give 3.2% of income to charity, but richest 10% give only 0.8% (Cabinet Office figs)

The poor wouldn't be so poor if they didn't give so much! Of course I can't retell it. Lee said he wasn't altruistic, didn't give because he cared, gave because it made him feel good and then did excellent sketches on other comedians earning millions subtly, gently pointing out, that they are not altruistic either....

My favourite were the political sketches.

I may have been the only one who laughed when he compared David Cameron to the murdering Roahl Moat. But then I was high in the Gods and couldn't hear those below.

In the 80's, Lee said, the mood was anti tory, today is anti-electronic. I thought that would be it, no political satire but he delivered a sketch of Cameron's uni days which was right on the nail.
I can't recreate it for you, as Lee sat there on stage, with a guitar, which he said he wouldn't play, but was all part of his act, of course. He painted a picture of Cameron as what I can only describe as a smarmy character.

He is isn't he? Smarmy. Cameron? Don't you think so?

Top night. Top to see Steve who I haven't seen for ages, ages ages.

I was supposed to go see The Estimators play but I estimated the time all wrong. When I got home I realised the bar shut at 1.30am and I would have got there after Lee's show. Dancing to SKA music would've been the perfect end to a perfect evening.

As it was, I levelled my feelings with two slices of toast and marmite and a mug of tea. Lovely. Can't believe the Danes have banned our delicious spread from their shops.
No, I have no comic comeback for that - I wish! - it's just random thoughts that come to me in the quiet of a night.


Maria said...

love this - would love to be dancing to ska too but seems like a dream. The least I can do is go and make an inspired cup of tea- thank you

Stigmum said...

Thankyou and you're welcome. Yes, shame the SKA crew aren't gigging tonight so I'll make myself another cup of tea too!