Thursday, 19 May 2011

"It's starting to stop" says son

My son's teacher pulled him aside before lunch yesterday to say that Ugly's kid had denied strangling him. Like mother like son ey, only he's eight and it's almost to be expected.

With irrefutable evidence, the pint sized bully (I will say bully even though I've told my son to take the word out of his own vocabulary so he feels less of a victim...) admitted to doing it 'once'.

My son, by his account, told the teacher that recently it was more like 'unfriendly hugs' and that it was "starting to stop".

"Unfriendly hugs? Unfriendly hugs?" I said to my son later. "Why are you protecting him?"

"Because he's my friend mamma," my boy replied.

The teacher told my son he was "being very grown up about it."

Yes, yes he is, more grown up than I ever have the courage to be.

The teacher told my son to come and tell her if it happens again. That he must come and tell her.
All power to my son, you know.

Really, not because he is mine but because now and then it's been extraordinarily difficult for him. He doesn't see a couple of his best friends outside school, although they see one another, so it's been easy for them to single him out which I know has been really hurtful to him in the past.

It's flared up again with the post parent snitching park bollocks of recent times.

Historically, the school has actually been brilliant about these tensions and my son's cheeky good humour helps him along alot.

He was amazing up on that stage yesterday reading out the "Invisible Clown" story he wrote. So nervous bless him, that he read it really quickly, but he was brilliant and got a richly deserved round of applause afterwards!

On Saturday he's doing his "White 2" Kung Fu grading.

I wish all our children well. It's not easy. Mind you, I'm not suggesting it ever was.

Afterall, quite honestly, how many of us would go back?


Frankie P said...

I hope it all works out for your son

Stigmum said...

Thank you, me too. Hope your boys never go through it, though doubt they will, not all parents are like Ugly!