Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blogging; learn as you go along!

Rarely do I blog in the evening but tonight is special. Tis special because I went over to notSupermum's for a read and discovered this Circle of Moms thing she's asked all her readers to vote for her on, so off I went to vote for her and on the page it said

Add Your Blog


Shall I?


Why not!

I bookmarked a page with loads of single mother bloglinks on thinking I can go back and read and maybe comment and goodness, who knows then thought ooh, shall I put the "Vote for me" link on my front page??!

Now, it might be 2015 as you're reading this, you've pressed on my link out of curiosity to check my popularity and it still says '0'.

Hey, I don't mind, that's fine, that really is. I've been blogging two and a half years now (2011 if you didn't check the date as you read this post..easily done, skipping such things)

I don't mind because I put that badge on because I forgot how to put badges on! I remembered that way back when, Susanna at Mummy Bloggers told me how to do it so I went back there, and read that advice - go to html/edit copy embed content and hit save -

Do I delete what's there first?
I deleted what was there
Oh, British Mummy Blogger's badge has gone, replaced by Vote For Me.

Go back, repaste British Mummy Bloggers Badge, do not delete Circle of Mom's badge and....

It's AWESOME learning things on blogspot, it doesn't matter how late!!

Before I leave blogland forever, I want to find that mental health badge I've seen here and there because that's what this blog is about really isn't it?

Housing and mental health (joyous!)

Just I write about other things too to stop me going too crazy
in real life
because you can't really tell in blogland
Or maybe you can

I dunno, but I do know that you learn as you go along and if you are reading this and it is 2015 or 2020 or 3010 and I still exist, or this page does even if I don't, well hell bells, vote for me, vote for stiggers, vote for technology, vote for a blog with hardly any bells and whistles in this a technological era where incredible whistles and bells exist!

You still get luddites like me in 2011!
Incredible huh?

(Apparently voting ends on May 23rd and you can vote once every 24 hours until then so mentions of 2015 and 3010, well, it might mean something mightn't it?!)


Jennysmith said...

That's great, Stigmum.

I'm a member of British Mummy Bloggers, but I can't get into it much. Never got a badge...just like when I was a kid and I wanted a Blue Peter one, and I can tell you.........(sob!) etc etc

Stigmum said...

I don't go into it much either, just after I was on here for a while I wanted to open up a little, to the wider community...
Tell you what I wanted as a youngster, so much but alas (I sob with you)...a Jim'll Fix it medal!!Blue Peter badges..what did one have to do to get one of those? (and I really wish I could italicise the 'did'.!)