Tuesday, 15 March 2011

2011 Census

I've just filled the census I was sent.
Can you believe if we don't do it we're breaking the law and could be strung up to dry with mammoth fines to pay and possible prison sentence. Well, not so sure about that but it does feel so big brothery....

It asked me if I'd looked for work in the past four weeks.
I said yes.
Well, I kind of have.
I've sent emails to people
I even arranged lunch with one but with this and that it failed to take place
I could feel despondent about it all
but of course, when I feel like that I always read my horoscope
If offers were on their way it would be quite pertinent today's offering from Cainer (I chuckle!)

It's one thing to tiptoe through a minefield. It's another to pitch a tent and set up home in the middle of such a volatile environment. The edge of a diving board, by much the same token, is no place to lie down for a peaceful snooze. Either crawl back to a place of safety - or summon your courage and jump! Current events are now highlighting the way in which you have lately been living with uncertainty and indecision. It's time to put yourself in a position where you're less affected by both. You may need to be brave.

You understand why I chuckle...All that talk of bravery given my recent postings!!

Anyway, must remember to send off the census
Must also photocopy all my proof of benefits to send to the electric company which I haven't done yet (why oh why do you have to prove so much???) so I might get some respite from that flipping awful ridiculously high bill they want to send me.

Oh the pocket is empty but the spirit is strong

Repeat after me

I am a millionaire
I am a millionaire
I am a millionaire

(not allowed to say "wish I was" as I am tempted to do, it might break the spell of powerful belief!)

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