Friday, 18 March 2011

Why should I pay 'my' rent arrears?

Got a letter yesterday saying I have to pay back my former rent arrears.
Here is the email I have sent because I do not want to pay it, I do not see why I have to pay it nor understand why I have to pay it.

Dear (Former housing officer),
I got your letter yesterday afternoon saying I've got rent arrears from Papier Mache Towers totalling £184.49.
I have always maintained, this arrears is not my fault. I have been in receipt of full housing benefit since 2004 when I lived in Posh Street and was evicted and rehoused by the council. I do not know where this sum comes from, but it's not from any of my own wrongdoing.
If anyone thinks the sum is small, perhaps it could be paid by (the housing association) or the council, or indeed written off, because particularly as I am not the one at fault, it is not small to me.
I hope you are well. I've cc'd... my housing support worker because he was recently involved in a case of £4000 rent arrears being held against me by (the housing association) from this new flat. This was later deemed an "error".
I'll hear from you soon,
Kind regards
Sue de Nim

(It really is quite frightening just how long I've been in this situation, fighting for security and affordability for myself and my son. There are some things it's best not to think about.)

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