Sunday, 13 March 2011

"A prayer of hope"

A beacon of hope

God of light
spark in us the desire
for an end to poverty and injustice,
and let our actions shine like
a beacon of hope
as we reach out in solidarity
to others around the world.

Help us to bring about a world
where all people have the opportunity
to be creative, use their skills
and work in dignity,
growing in confidence
and transforming lives


(Catherine Corman/CAFOD)

I went to church this morning. The Latin service. It was cool actually, sending thoughts out while listening to that beautiful music. A good sermon too, about the "Divided self" and the meaning of Lent.
I can't write any more today, so I leave with the prayer on the back of the Cafod envelope we were all given.
Timely, what with the Japanese earthquake and the Mothers March calling for women, well, not just women, people all over the world to be valued.

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