Friday, 25 March 2011

Marching with the Women might be Wild!

Got this in my inbox yesterday from the Global Womens' Strike organisation.

What fun we had!! Perhaps I should walk with these guys tomorrow after all! The energy, the vibrancy, the colour, the music and hymn sheets we were given!

Housing guys have sent an email saying to meet at 11 at Embankment

Camden the borough has said meet at 11 at lincoln Fields and walk down to embankment together.

Annie emailed and said she might be on her own
Can't have that!
So, know what I might do?

Chat to her, tell her my ideas and we could come to a decision who to go with together! Wouldn't that be fab!

The most important thing is to have fun while sending across a very important message to that Don't Care Coalition.

With thanks to the Global Women's Strike for sending me the vid! Now if you can't go on the walk tomorrow but wish you could, you can watch it and imagine you're with us!!

Or with the NHS, NUT, Firefighters, Police (yes, I'm sure there'll be some on our side!)

It's going to be massive.
Massive massive HUGE!

So glad I'm going!

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