Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's my blog, I'll moan if I want to

My confidence, which is no great shakes usually I must admit, has hit the floor.
Geez, why is it so easy? Why can the slightest thing knock you down?
I finished voluteering at the school today. A nest appeared in the playground on Monday morning and the kids have been writing about it, developments that have happened. Great kids, the experience has been fun! Yes fun! FUN!

Only I haven't been. Fun. Shit help in the classroom for the teacher I imagine. I'm quiet where-as I wish I were louder and more congratulatory on the kids' work. Oh I don't know. I couldn't be a school teacher though. This form teacher is brilliant, very natural and fair in her firmness to the cheekier ones or twos!

Oh it's the flipping dentist really isn't it? I know I bang on about it but I really had no idea when I started posting about it that not only would it take so flipping long, but I would flipping feel it too, despite three flipping injections.
Last friday I thought I'd have just one last session, that the next would be better and final. The next, last tuesday, was worse so what am I to expect tomorrow?????????????
"Is it over tomorrow or are you going to try and beat my record?" laughed the guy who runs the coffee shop this morning.
"Oh I fucking hope not..."
I just sat there mutely because I couldn't, I can't, think of anything even remotely cheery to say.

Stiggers encourages me to have the bleakest blog on the block I reckon, so yeah, I'm just riding with it - the path of least resistance for I feel my strength depleting.
Better out than in ey? No-one likes a moaner I was once told and that might be true but you've got to put your moans somewhere don't you?
Where better than cyberspace?

(It's my blog and I'll moan if I want to is a comment I left on Jule's blog, who earlier this year felt the same as I do about the whole thing. Tis good to know one's not alone!)


Jules said...

:-) hug

Stigmum said...

Oh thank you!! Need that today!! Take care xxx