Friday, 11 March 2011

Pros and Cons of misery blogging

The pros of misery blogging far outweigh the cons, particularly if you are writing under a pseudonym.

The pros

The freedom, to write what you want, how you want, can be terrifying at first but also liberating as you let go of memories or fears or desires or aches and pains.

People may accept you for what you are saying which is a boost. Then again, they may not, but ultimately this too can help you accept yourself.

Your writing can depress you further, but you can also write yourself out of these dark holes. I do this by writing poetry?, messing songs, all sorts. In out in out the flow of life, flowing.

Break out of yourself! Blogspot is brilliant, because you post over what you have just written, a form of moving on, moving forward, what's past is past. That is truly difficult for some of us in Earthspace, so blogging can be very therapeutic.

Dark dark light dark dark light dark dark dark dark light light dark light dark light light

This blog started out as a case study for me. That still remains my purpose. Maybe it's helpful to have a purpose, but I don't think so for that would limit you and the best purpose of misery blogging is its freedom for you to explore yourself, your thoughts and ultimately reach self knowledge!
It's so self indulgent! Some say narcissistic! Who cares? If you don't!
Blogspot won't always let you layout the way you want to, like right now, as I've been back in to edit this post about 100 times to put a space between "knowledge", "self indulgent" and "Cons"
Hmmmm. means what that? Means what!
"Don't be negative" is in the top 10, top 5 and in some cases top 3 tips for successful blogging which ensures you zillions of followers and a possible book deal.

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