Sunday, 27 March 2011

Clocks go forward, the sun still high

I was going to go to the Latin mass in Mayfair this morning, for as you know, I sometimes go to church. Instead I had a lie in! I woke up and my phone said "10.56" and the service starts at 11! I forwarded my phone last night so as not to miss it. Ah well!

The sky has been blue all day and I felt I should go to the Heath but I didn't want to go alone, for I did that a few times last week, which was nice, don't want to spoil that healing memory.

So I've stopped in with Stiggers, to tell you about my weekend.

It's late now, 17.15! The sun is still so high in the sky! Summer is on its way!

I'm going to go and post that sodding census then I'm going to drown my sorrow of that down my local pub.

Just one beer. My son's coming home.

I can't wait.

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