Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"You can't walk out of your own story"

Rango!! It's fab!! I don't know who enjoyed it more, me or my son!

It's an animated western starring Johnny Depp as Rango, a chameleon with an identity crisis. Who am I? Who am I?

He gets stranded in the desert where he meets an armidillo who's been run over trying to "get to the other side"!

This sure did tickle my bones! I've told a couple of close friends recently how desperate I am to reach "the other side".. "I want to go... over there.." I say to them pointing, erm, over there.

Rango gets a ride from Bean, a feisty female, into a town called Dirt where he makes up some stories about himself before being hailed as the heroic sheriff. The town is in the middle of a drought, and the bank, where the little remaining water is stored, is robbed. Rango pledges he will get to the bottom of this mystery and bring the water back!

At one point in the film (and I don't want to give too much away but I am about blogging and this is about me...) Rango abandons his new friends and meets the Man with No Name.

"You can't walk out on your own story," says the Man with No Name. "No man can walk out on his own story."

And I was thinking: No mum can walk out on her own story. No Stigmum can walk out on her own story.

Is that why I came back to blogging? I didn't want to as you know but I felt a pull. Almost like the only way I would not abandon the boring most boringest housing issue that's destroying my life and is poised to destroy millions of people's, would be to come back.

Might focus me....

Are me and stigs back on track following our recent problems with one another?

What's the story we have to finish stigs? You know our own housing situation depresses me so much I can't even bid for the affordable security I crave.

Oh I Don't Know! All I know is I can't walk out on my own story. I can't give up. You can't give up. We can't give up.

I've been told to paste the theme song to the film and swap "Rango" for "Stigmum"

Oh ha ha ha stigs!!

I do love the theme tune though! Go see the film!!


rawhidekid said...

I found this blog cause I wanted to make sure I quoted Rango right to a friend. I saw Rango yesterday and thought it had a brilliant message. I believe God intends for us all to be heroes in our story. Not everyone even knows that we are in a story let alone heroes. But something in our hearts propels us to desire more and too do the right thing. I've been with a mens group called WildernessRock for 3-4 years and we try live out our story. Not always but we are there to remind each other. I don't know much about your blog but believe your on the path intended for you.

Stigmum said...

Hey Rawhidekid (great name!) I've known I've been in a story for quite a few years now but you're right and not everybody can see they are in their own and therefore propel themselves, not so much to desire things, I think we all do that to some extent, but to do the right thing - we don't all do that! So for me, Rango was a top film! A brilliant message like you say.

I don't know much about my blog these days! I thought it would end when my son and I were rehoused, for the point was to highlight the emotions of going through an eviction, as we were going through it - the fear, the hope.

There's still a purpose to to the blog or I wouldn't be writing I don't think. I keep thinking I should stop (I oculd go on forever if it's a council flat I'm waiting for to finish it), but can't so think you might be right and that it's one path I'm meant to be on. Who knows?! It's a journey of sorts! If you drop in every now and then, I hope you get something from it! Meanwhile, I'll google WildernessRock, sounds very cool!!! Keep walking through your story!!