Thursday, 3 March 2011

Green Tea and Strawberries

On the internet last night trying to put my mind at rest about the root canal work.
The myths, the realities, reading people's experiences on boards dating from 2006.
Me, the world's wimp, really shouldn't be afraid, and nor should you be if you are, afraid that is. I'm the wimp not you.
(Trying not to think of that injection tomorrow.. Only 5 second discomfort, no more than 10...back in the past there were no anaesthetics whatsoever..)

Anyway, I discovered that green tea is really good for your gums.
I also discovered that rubbing your teeth with strawberries, leaving the pulp on for five minutes before brushing it off, removes stains from the teeth and whitens them. They had buy a punnet get one free in the supermarket yesterday. Fortuitous!

My new tooth resolution is to do what I can to take care of them

A bit late in the day maybe but better late than never, no?

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