Sunday, 13 March 2011

Speaking Out

Following the Mother's March yesterday, we all assembled into a hall at SOAS to listen to testimonials from women and men. There were so many, I can't mention them all.

The proceedings were started by Father Paul, who I met at a Housing Committee Meeting last year (Don't know if I emailed him or posted the email, but I had a quick chat with him and he told me to email him again!)

He said that "mothers are paying most painfully for the cuts.. legal aid's gone, baby and toddler entitlements, gone.." He said we must look for politicians who will break up this demolition of our society.

It is the time for change. The Tories, he said, threw away the rule book in the 80's, New Labour didn't bother to try and find it, everyone else (in the housing market) "fell asleep" while the 'bubble grew and grew until it burst..."

One woman spoke up about housing, the cuts in benefit, and the increases in homelessness.

There were some monumentally brave women who spoke up yesterday.

I can write (ahem) but I cannot speak

Does that make me any less courageous?

To turn up to these events, do you need courage for that?
Speaking out takes real courage. Real real courage.
These women just blew me away.


Anonymous said...

The fact that you're writing about what was spoken, what happened is a good tihng. I haven't seen anything about this in today's newspapers!! So, good for you for talking about these events on your blog.

Stigmum said...

Thanks for saying that! I need to try to get back to my journo style roots. It's not every paper that takes these types of stories, but all blog templates do! Therefore, when I attend something, I try to write it on here. Not all things get on though, as every day I'm guided very much by my instinct. I hope some people will click on the links though and find out more than I'm able to tell!!