Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stinking flat and a sweet miracle!

The mice are clearly dead and decomposing.
An overpowering stench from under the floorboards, behind the fridge freezer.

Metaphorically the flat stinks because we're not allowed to hang anything on the walls, or we could face eviction for wilful destruction of the property (yeah, I know)

Yesterday my son's bike was stolen from the cupboard beneath the stairs - yes, you don't have to live on an estate, maybe it's better if you do; people assume you're poor.
Anyway, dashing out to buy a lottery ticket at 10 to 7, I was walking home when I saw two boys and
"Hey, that's my son's bike!"
Credit to them they handed it straight over (well, what is a 6ft teen going to do with a tiny, second hand, rusting piece of equipment I was so angry at having been stolen a few hours earlier?) and said they 'found it by that fence'. Likely bloody story but I couldn't believe the mini miracle that had just occured so I thanked them.

So yes, I bought a lucky dip and what with the savings on a new bike, as good as won the lottery!

Daily I pray that Zat will be ok. I could keep my bike in this flat but lugging it up stairs, every day...been there, done that, blogged about it...

Daily I pray I will win lots and lots and lots of cash so I can blog about that!
Repeat after me
I am a millionaire
I am a millionaire
I am a millionaire!

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