Wednesday, 9 March 2011

On-air coincidence

Grant Shapps, MP for housing, will be live online at the Guardian answering questions at 3pm today.

Can you believe it?!

I got an email from Defend Council Housing giving me the heads up on it.

A bit of adventure for me! Never joined an online political chat before! And I have a couple of questions for him!!

I shall try to get them in and see if he answers!

(Bollocks Stigs, when exactly should I start my time and labour intensive fish pie? Promised the lad didn't I?! Best stop blogging for the day!)


Jennysmith said...

Hope the fish pie was okay.

No, I've never one of those live online things - not even a chat room.

Hope it went well xxxx

Stigmum said...

Fish pie wasn't too bad though had to speed to get the nipper from school! The online chat thing? Well he doesn't shop at Waitrose which given the number of questions, possibly wasn't the most useful comment to do with new housing legislation...
I'm also very amateur on those boards.. others can copy and paste other people's comments onto their own and make it look highlighted...
I am not a pro, that's for sure! xxx