Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why do channels put on films so late?

I watched Amadeus last night, the Oscar winning biopic about Mozart. I've seen it before but years ago.

It started at 11.30pm.


Alot of good films start so late at night. Not long ago it was Y Mama Tambien that I didn't get to see.

As you see I'm not qualifying who directed these films, or even a brief synopsis what they are about because I stayed up to watch Amadeus, which finished at 2.30am.

My eyes are burning. DON GIOVAAAAAAAAAAANI is playing on my brain.

It's a great film, and has an amazing score.

Classical music has such power, doesn't it, to still the mind and stir the soul?

There's a lot I have to be thinking about at the moment; a council run party I'm attending this evening, another meeting in a couple days time.

I'm feeling an expectation, I don't know about what, perhaps desire, what one reaps one sows.
Perhaps an expectation that one doesn't reap what one sows but on a course I can't step away from.

I don't know.

What I might do though, is settle on the sofa, shove my head in a pillow and let the crashing clashes of a requiem course through me.

I know that's pure indulgence, but I've missed Zen Boot Camp today because of toothache.

(Last night I could feel my heart beat in my tooth! Quite awesome! I closed my eyes so I could properly feel the rhythmic pulse, then I took a paracetamol)


No, I don't have that tune, but I do have many others

Close your eyes
Still your mind
Stir your soul


Jennysmith said...

Oh, I'd love to see that film again. Yes, its very irritating they put the good films on so late! Thats why I like babysitting, you can get to see the later films.


Stigmum said...

I only planned to watch 15 minutes or so but it swept me in! All the great ones are always post 11pm, some start at half 1! Guess that's why there are recorders I guess, if I had one that is, and a decent telly to go with it!(I watched this live on iplayer - better quality than my portable telly) Ah well! xxxx