Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pouring one's heart out

I finally poured my heart out to a mum at school today
My son, my sun, my son my sun
Her son the same, similar
it turns out
I hope I didn't upset her
as I bitched
not my nature
to bitch
and rage
about people
but it felt good
to talk
My son
My sun
My boy
My joy
Thank you mum who let me pour out my heart at school today


Jennysmith said...

These things mean a lot, don't they. The loneliest place can be at the school gates, so I'm glad you made friends with someone.


Stigmum said...

Yes you're so right, but this morning, she saw me, then looked away so I said 'hello!' and she replied! There are nerves hit talking about our children but I didn't think I'd hit hers. Bullying, tis a nasty business, nastier still when a parent is at the root of it. I'm glad I told this mum, only time will tell though whether friends we remain. I hope so, she's nice! Fortunately I'm used to the playground and just very grateful it isn't mine! xxx