Friday, 18 March 2011

Cigarette moments

I've got one. A cigarette moment. It's not painful, it doesn't ache, just I fancy a little hit which I know now to be a little choke, and I ride a bike and choke alot behind traffic and so decided that although I like hits, I don't like choking.

I've got a cigarette moment because I always used to think what to write in my real cigarette moments. Breathed in inspiration, breathed out ordered ideas - or so I thought, or so I think, I can't actually remember.

There's so much I can write on blogspot
That's why I'm writing this
Because you are not going to get anything I thought about writing this morning
Like the Volunteers party last night where I was given a certificate by way of thanks for my help
Or having to take the bus there because my son really is now too big for the baby seat on the back of the bike
I don't know what to write because I don't want to write what I will be writing - about more rent arrears.
Oh Fun! Don't you just love it?!
Housing. Stigs is obsessed.

A cigarette moment is also a good thing to write because I have finally bought a card to say thank you to the man who got me a free session at the Alan Carr clinic.

It's got a picture of a woman on the front, writing in a cafe, with a fag in her hand.

That was me once, that was me a couple of months ago.

I wonder what I'm going to write inside it, aside from 'thanks, I don't miss it.'

Because I don't. Not really. Not ever if I don't think about it. A thought hardly ever.

Let me go and make a cup of tea

Or maybe just post that post about rent arrears to get it over and done with....

This was a very pleasant cigarette moment.

Thank you.

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