Thursday, 17 March 2011

A gift from the homeless persons unit

My support worker rang yesterday saying the homeless unit had come into some charitable funds allowing families to purchase things they need from an Argos catalogue!

Oh wow! A bookcase please! To get stuff off the floor!

I'd have got that myself by now but the small one in my bedroom was heavy for me to carry back on the bike.

I might be getting a desk too, to put this laptop on, so I don't have to sit on the floor!

I asked for a desk and chair for my son for his bedroom.

How lucky is that? How so so lucky. A balm after the social services meeting the day before, which incidently, my support worker felt "went really well".

Really? How?

I guess it goes well for everyone except for me, doesn't it? After all I'm the one who doesn't get what she wants out of it.

No can't say that. I'm getting a little bit of furniture aren't I?

I cheekily asked for a rug.

"For the living room?" support worker asked. "I'll pick a nice one out for you!"

"Thank you!"

I won't know for ages, apparently, what out of my mini list I'll get, but given that it was surprise, it doesn't matter!

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