Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tell me something I don't know

Many people asked many interesting questions at the Guardian Q&A session with Mr Shapps, Minister for Housing, yesterday. It was quite tough to keep a track on what he was answering because I not only had to keep refreshing my page (which I didn't expect), I also have a fairly slow computer. What did become apparent though, is that he prefers the easier questions, like this one:

On radio four you spoke to clients of shelter during the interview you complained about too many flats being built and told one person that you were going to build "150,000 new houses" under your affordable rent scheme. Are the 150,000 new homes all going to be "houses"?

Even I knew the answer to that. Semantics mate, ever heard of that? People say house for flat all the time in parlance!

I learnt nothing new, apart from the fact that some people are really clever at writing "you're making no sense" and qualifying how no sense is being made.

Shapps should never be afraid of meeting me. I'm not quick enough, nor sharp enough, nor gifted in the art of rhetoric. I'd be like "eh? Don't get it?" and consequently feel really thick, which I'm not, but my confidence has really hit the floor today.

Joyous oh joy

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