Monday, 21 March 2011

Asking questions quietly

I attended a housing strategy conference at the weekend (which I've mentioned a couple of posts down!)

It was good. My only complaint, which is a massive complaint, is that there was no creche. No childcare was provided so the whole demographic of lone parents were in many ways excluded. I was going to take my son, to the wrath of the social services and deputy when I bought up at the "Child in Need" meeting ("Is it appropriate to take him?""Should you go?")

At the Nth hour, one of his best friend's mothers took him (ah yes, a couple of mums thank god, are great out of my son's chosen gang of mates)

At the end of part one - an intro by the Councillor for Housing and a talk by Anne Power, Head of London School of Economic's Housing and Communities followed by results of a survey consultation by the Director for Needs and Social Care - we, the audience were invited to ask questions.

"Three at a time!" said the councillor.

My question: It is legislation that when private tenants are evicted from their homes they receive points in order to access the secure properties they desire. When statutorily homeless people are evicted they don't get any points. Will this legislation be changed? If not, how do I change it? These people are the same people, why is one set being discriminated against?

Tentatively my left hand went up. I wasn't picked.
Next time round, my left hand went up and I wiggled my fingers. I was not picked.
Third time round, my left hand shot up and I waved it. I was not picked.
The final time round my right hand shot up stretching as high as it possibly could. I want the world to know! I want the world to know!!!! I want to hear what you say. Do you even know???????
Yup, I was not picked.

Ms Powers had to dash off to a wedding reception (well it was Saturday) so I grabbed the Councillor afterwards.

I need to get something called a Stututory Instrument.

What is that?

Fuck knows!

I shall endeavour to find out, pretend it's an Olympic sport. Like a relay, retrieving information, from this person, that person, I hope not too many people person, until I cross the finishing line holding aloft the Torch of Light!

You see my point?

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