Thursday, 3 March 2011

Champagne and Canapes

My son and I have been invited to a private viewing and a drinks reception to celebrate The Big Issue's 20th birthday!

It is so exciting, for both of us!

My son is going to see a Hard Times photography exhibition; portraits of Big Issue vendors. I can tell him that these are the people to whom his money went when he sponsored me on my walk!

For me it will instil further what my heart holds (whatever that is!). No-one will know that my son and I are statutorily homeless. We are supremely lucky that we avoided hostel accommodation for a third time last autumn.

When I call for more homes, it's not just for me.
When I call for free teeth cleaning that's not just for me either!

Big Issue vendors are working people.

The Big Issue foundation gives homeless people the helping hand they need.

It's a real privilige to be able to go tonight. It's brilliant I can take my son. It's a new moon tomorrow too - "A New Moon represents a new beginning. The end of an old era. The birth of a fresh age"! says Cainer.

Who Knows?! Just wonderfully timely!


Jennysmith said...

Bless you Stigmum, you can have a lovely night out, in the aid of a good cause.

This is one of these times when I wish I could just offer you a nice cottage near me. Sob! xxxxx

Stigmum said...

Ah wouldn't that be great to live near you?! Chat over the fence in the cottage of my dreams!! Invite you over for a cuppa! Well, we never know! Take care mamma, at least we're next door in cyberspace!! xxx

A Single Mother said...

I hope you had a fab night? So inspiring. Ever since I did a homeless outreach project with a old church I used to attend I got a insight on to why people end up homeless. It wasnt for the reasons I always throught before I did the outreach.

Stigmum said...

I did yes thanks single mamma. Wanted to blog about it yesterday but I was too zonked from the dentist so I'll try and post about both soon but my boy's with me at the moment and he doesn't know I blog! I don't like writing looking over my shoulder all the time!! If you are london based, the exhibition is at St Martin's in the Field near Trafalgar Square. Well worth it! Like you say, their lives and how they got there is not what we might imagine x