Thursday, 3 March 2011

Yes to AV?

Saw a big Tory ad yesterday on the walk back from school. I say Tory, I Don't actually Know, but that party is against the Alternative Voting system so it's a safe assumption. It also has pots of money and the media on its side.

Anyway, I didn't like the ad I saw, of a crying baby and the caption "She needs a maternity unit not an alternative voting system."

Oh how wrong wrong wrong while cuts are being administered, the NHS being reformed so that more maternity units will close under this coalition and those that open be privately run.

Anyway, I Don't Know much but I know I will be voting for an alternative vote.

Why? Because I want change.

Yes, we got change with the coalition but not the change we chose.

The Tories are afraid that if they lose the First Past the Post System they will never have a majority again. They are afraid of change that is not in their control. Fear always stands in the way of change.

Who knows? Who knows anything?

Let's vote for a change in our voting system!

Que sera sera!

Otherwise it's always going to be the same, for all major parties are now the same and the future looks so bleak...

Well, I'm in anyway! When is it? May?

Well, May I'll vote locally but I Don't Know who for yet and I'll vote for the alternative vote because I Know I want to see what that's like!

( - a guy who didn't like the ad too!)

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