Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Angels, please be with me at the dentist

A molar, my dentist told me at last week's appointment, has three canals.

At the end of last week's appointment, the second of three, he said he'd only been able to locate one, and I must come back as soon as possible.


During last week's appointment, following two injections, my dentist sensed that I could feel the work. This frustrated him a little; he said perhaps I should go to a hospital and be sedated because it wasn't normal following two injections. He gave me a third.

I still felt it, like that sensation of icecream on a sensitive tooth maybe, but I told myself that in the past there were no anaesthetics and it could be worse.

I never took my mind off the angels I was visualising.

After last week's appointment I told the dentist that I trusted him and was visualising angels, that I wasn't being deliberately doing whatever I was being.

When he enquired about the angels, I told him we all have a guardian one ("apparently") but what was odd was that since my appointment with him two years ago, I have always seen three in the room with me.

"Do you think it's mine and her's?" he said looking over to his assistant.

"Ooh gosh I don't know!" I said.

Last week I did "see" all three but they weren't grouped together as they usually are. Was one standing by him?!

I hope they are all there today.

It helps me. It really really does help me.

They help me, they really do.

I can but hope the other two canals are found today....

Calm my heart, my heart, calm...

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