Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Take support from all sources

It is comforting the number of people who have got angry on my behalf at my child being labelled a 'child in need'.

I will accept what the social services tell me to do because I have little choice. One hopes they have mine and my son's best interests at heart but one never knows. Their job is to tick boxes and on one level I can't believe they are putting their resources towards me and my son when there are children out there who are in grave danger or who are being abused, and the imminent cuts to social services budgets will leave many more of these children and also vulnerable families without any support whatsover.

Still, if the social services can help us with housing, which they say they can't.. oh stigs, shall we just drop it now?

There are some forces that we can neither ignore, control nor even predict with any great degree of reliability. How then, do we protect ourselves from the intensity of their impact? By a combination of common sense and carelessness. First we must envisage every possible problem and do what we can to avoid it. Then, before we drive ourselves into a frenzy of anxiety, we must decide that having duly worried, we should worry no more and may as well relax. It's time, now, to be decisive and clear.

Cainer this morning!
I emailed a charity last night. I hope they respond.
Now I'll rattle off a few more emails then take a break for lunch.

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