Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I owe you one Cainer

The heart beats madly and I read:

Don't be pessimistic. Though you have a lot of problems to solve and a lot of questions that you need to answer, you also have a lot to look forward to. Something is starting to shift. A seemingly impenetrable obstacle has already developed a hairline crack. Sooner than you think, it may collapse under its own weight, leaving you a clear pathway. You are not alone in your desire to accomplish an important goal. Other, highly influential forces are at work behind the scenes. They share your goal.

I hope, I hope...

My son's social worker just came round. I don't want to talk about it if that's ok. Just that I said if they couldn't help us with housing, then they couldn't help us at all. He said he saw no reason why they should still be involved. If you can't help us with housing, then there is no point, indeed.

Dentist in an hour

Don't be pessimistic, don't be pessimistic

Thanks Cainer

Don't be pessimistic
Don't be pessimistic

Thanks stiggers


Anonymous said...

Wow...what Cainer's horoscope is pretty much on the ball as I'd say. I'd think that something is gonna happen given what you've been up to and talking about here.

Jules said...

You're back! Last time I read your Blog you were in the midst of moving and said you were done here.

Really glad to see you're still blogging - I find your stuff insightful, truthful and inspiring.

Stigmum said...

Aw thanks Jules! I wanted to be done when I moved but didn't succeed with my dream. Big confusions when I returned so really lovely of you to say that!

Anonymous, you wouldn't believe what it says today?! "There are, generally speaking, two ways to bring about social change. It can be achieved by legislation or inspiration. Most people seem to favour the former. They are forever campaigning for new laws. Even when these have been successfully placed on the statute books they are difficult to enforce unless the majority of the population agrees with them. But when everyone is excited about a new way of being, they all voluntarily change their behaviour. You don't have to force an issue now, you just have to encourage it."

It made me smile!! One can mock horoscopes or one can use them to think more positively!!